What Should You Try At Your Next Hair Salon Visit? Trends To Look For

Are you searching for a new on-trend haircut, style, or color? If you're not sure how to go from a so-so hairdo to trendy tresses, take a look at some of the hottest styles and colors to try during your next hair salon visit.

Wispy Bangs

Do you have a whimsical style and want a haircut that matches? Instead of a blunt cut with a heavy straight-cut bang, consider a wispy option. This soft cut frames the face with a barely-there feminine fringe. This soft style is the perfect entry into bangs. If you've always had a one-length cut, wispy bangs give you the option to cover your forehead partially or sweep the hair off your face. 

The Lob

You've heard of a bob. But what is a lob? Unlike the short traditional bob, a lob is the longer version. If you're still not sure what this cut looks like, think of the name — lob equals long bob. Choose a geometric lob or get creative and try a layered version or a tousled, beach wave type of cut. Not only does the lob update the classic bob in a lux way, but it's also perfect for a variety of hair types. Whether your hair is naturally straight, curly, or wavy, you can try out this trend 'do.

Lots of Layers

Even though the blunt lob is in, some faces need a different type of frame. If a bob or lob is the wrong shape for your face, consider a long layered cut. Long layers work well with curly or wavy hair and give you the chance to create thick textures. This adds a sense of volume or fullness to the overall style. Long layers can also work with almost any length of hair — above the shoulder to mid-back cuts.

Natural Curls, Coils, and Waves

Forget about the straightening iron. Instead of spending hours trying to force your curly, coily, or wavy hair to be something it isn't, go with what comes naturally to you. Play up these textures with layers and the just-right products. If you're not sure which texture-enhancing gel, cream, lotion, spray, or moose is the best option, ask the stylist during your next hair salon service.

Warm Brunette Tones

Now that you have a few cut and style ideas in mind, it's time to take the next step and turn your attention to color. Forget about frosty blondes and icy peroxide bleached hues. Brunette is making a comeback in a major way. Look for rich colors with deeper or warmer tones, such as mahogany, chestnut, and caramel or amber options. If you prefer a lighter hair color, a cappuccino-bordering-on-latte or an ash brown add touches of brightness. 

Make an appointment with a hair salon, such as AR Hair Salon, to discuss your next look.

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