How to Store Your Brazilian Human Hair Extensions

One of the best qualities of Brazilian human hair bundles is the fact that you can reuse these extensions multiple times. However, although how you care for the extensions while they are on your head is important, what is even more important is how well you care for the hair when it is off your head. Should you decide to take a break from wearing the hair, but you want to ensure it remains in good condition, learn more about what you should do.

Wash Before Storing

The most important step you need to complete to prepare the extensions for storage is to wash them. Depending on how you style your extensions, you may have a buildup of products in your hair. Over time, particularly if you plan to store the hair for an extended time, the chemicals in these products can start to damage the human hair fibers. It is always best to shampoo the hair to ensure it is clean before storing it. You also want to ensure the hair is dry before you store it to prevent bacteria growth. 

Straighten the Hair

Unless the human hair extensions have a natural wave or curl pattern, you should go ahead and straighten the hair before you put it in storage. The concern is that if you do not straighten the hair, a crease can form in the hair that may be hard to remove. Straightening the hair before storing is also helpful because once you are ready to reinstall the hair, the process will be a lot easier.

Invest in Hair Hangers

Although storage bags are a popular option for storing hair extensions, a better alternative is storage hangers. Storage hangers are fixtures that allow you to hang the extensors by the weft. As a result, instead of the hair being bunched up in a bag, the hair can hang free. If you have very long extensions, these hangers are the best option as they can help you avoid creases forming in the hair. 

Find the Right Location

It is also important for you to find the right location for storing your hair, as every location is not the best. First, ensure the area is dry and cool. A hot and humid location is not good because it promotes bacteria growth and can cause the hair to develop an odor. Second, avoid heavily fragranced areas, such as those full of perfumes or smoke. These scents can seep into the fibers of the hair and cause a difficult-to-remove odor.

Keep all of these tips in mind as you care for your hair to maximize its lifespan. Learn more by contacting companies that sell 10A grade Brazilian human hair bundles. 

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