Has Your Favorite Hair Salon Reopened? Tips To Keep You And Your Stylist Safe During Covid-19

If you haven't been to the hair salon in a while, you're probably wondering when you can make a return visit. Like most people, you might be worried about visiting the hair salon during the current health crisis. Some hair salons still haven't opened for service. But, some cities have allowed hair salons to open back up. If you're eager to get your hair done, you should know that there are some safety tips you can follow. These steps will help to keep you and your stylist safe. Here are four steps you should take when visiting the hair salon during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Wash Your Hair Before You Go

If your favorite hair salon has been given the go-ahead to open back up, feel free to schedule an appointment. While you may be used to having your hair washed by the stylist, this requires a bit more face-to-face time, making it dangerous for both you and your stylist. To reduce the face-to-face time, have your hair washed and conditioned when you show up for your appointment. 

Bring An Extra Mask Along

If you're going to get your hair done at the salon, don't forget to bring an extra mask along. Most cities are under some type of mask mandate, which means you won't be able to get your hair done without one. But, it's also a good idea to bring an extra mask with you. That way, if your mask gets a little wet, or some hair gets inside, you can switch to a fresh one right away. As added protection, bring latex gloves with you. That way, your hands are protected when you use the debit card machine to pay for your services. 

Avoid Lengthy Services

If you're getting ready to schedule an appointment at your favorite hair salon, try to avoid lengthy services. The longer you're in the hair salon, the more germs you may encounter. Not only that, but lengthy procedures also put your hairstylist at risk, especially if you happen to be asymptomatic. Instead, choose procedures that will get you out of the styling chair as quickly as possible. 

Don't Arrive Too Early

Finally, if you have an appointment to have your hair done, don't arrive too early. You might be used to arriving early for your appointments. But, that may not the best option during this pandemic. In fact, some salons may require you to wait outside for your appointment time. Avoid waiting outside. Arrive just a few minutes before your appointment time.

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