Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Treatment For Your Hair Loss Condition

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a viable treatment for hair regrowth and hair restoration. The fact that this treatment is for men and women who have hair loss problems is a significant scientific finding, because so many people from both sexes not only experience thinning of their hair but they also have bald spots on their scalps. You can now undergo this procedure and expect a positive outcome.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment?

Your blood contains stem cells and growth factors. These factors are designed to aid your body's healing and tissue regrowth processes. So, PRP therapy separates the platelets that stimulate your hair follicle growth. The platelets are applied to the treatment areas on your scalp where hair loss is taking place. PRP treatment helps the formation of new follicular cell formation and subsequent hair growth.

The Procedure

Your own blood will be drawn from your arm and then sent through a spinning down process in a centrifuge. It will thereafter have three layers. Nutrients such as proteins are added to your blood. It's a nonsurgical procedure that requires only local anesthesia. The best plasma-rich platelets are then chosen and injected into your scalp through the use of micro needling.

Healing And Promoting Regrowth

The PRP treatment that's injected in your scalp actually heals the hair loss areas and stimulate growth factors. Growth factors form substances such as collagen that aid regrowth of your hair. You thus undergo an all-natural formula that your body produces. No harsh chemicals are contained in the treatment because it's your body's blood and stimulants that are doing the job to facilitate new hair growth over time.

What Does Hair Growth Over Time Means?

Your procedure begins with the first of more than one treatment. You will thereafter begin a series of PRP injections for a period of weeks and then redone over several months. You'll see changes throughout the treatment period. You could notice that your hair becomes denser and thicker at the treatment sites on your scalp. Thinning and balding spots may be phasing out, too. That receding hairline you previously had might appear to be growing back in place. All of these improvements help you to regain your self-confidence that regrowth of your hair is taking place.

Are You A Good Candidate For PRP Treatment?

If you are thinking of having PRP treatment, discuss this with your primary care physician. If you have a platelet dysfunction medical condition, chronic skin disease, skin cancer, or chronic liver disease, you should not undergo PRP treatment.

For more information about PRP hair treatment, talk to your doctor.

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