Pros And Cons Of Wearing Hair Product To The Barbershop

One of the conundrums that many men face before they visit the barber is whether or not to style their hair — and, if so, whether they should use product. If you're going to the barbershop straight from home, it's easy to avoid using product. However, if you're getting your hair cut over the lunch hour or after work, you likely will have product in your hair. Here are some pros and cons about having hair product in your hair when you visit the barber.

Pro: It Demonstrates How You Style Your Hair

A big advantage of wearing hair product in your hair when you visit the barber is that it demonstrates to him how you wear your hair on an everyday basis. When you visit without hair product, your barber will often have to ask you a lot of questions — for example, do you spike your hair in a certain way or comb it across your head? The use of product will allow your barber to easily recreate your look when he styles your hair after the cut.

Con: It Can Make The Cut Difficult

Depending on the amount of product that you wear in your hair, it may make the barber's job difficult. For example, if your product use is heavy, the barber's scissors may get coated in the product as he attempts to cut your hair, and this can make certain precise cuts more of a challenge than they need to be. You'd easily avoid such problems by not wearing hair product to the barber.

Pro: It's An Excuse To Wash Your Hair

Some barbers are proponents of only cutting clients' hair when it's devoid of product, and this can mean that they'll want to wash your hair before you sit down for a haircut. You might not frequently opt for this service, but wearing product in your hair is a good excuse to get your hair washed at the barbershop. Not only is this service good for your hair and will leave you feeling fresh, but the process of someone washing your hair for you is highly relaxing.

Con: It May Annoy Your Barber

It's always ideal to maintain a good relationship with your barber, and there are certain things that you can do to foster this. Showing up with a heavy amount of product in your hair is not one of them. While some barbers will shrug this off, others may feel annoyed because the product can affect their ability to do their job. It's always a good idea to consult your barber about his or her views of clients who wear product in their hair and then proceed accordingly.

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One of the conundrums that many men face before they visit the barber is whether or not to style their hair — and, if so, whether they should use prod

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