Don't Be Afraid To Learn More About These Topics By Asking Your Barber

Many people sit down in their barber's chair, explain what haircut they want, and then turn their attention to their smartphone or make small talk for the entirety of the appointment. There's nothing inherently wrong with doing so, but it's worthwhile to consider the valuable resource standing behind you — your barber. Barbers are a wealth of knowledge about a multitude of hair-related details, so it's often a good idea to learn more about your hair by covering these topics with your barber.

Best Care Techniques

You may be someone who wants to care for your hair but isn't sure about how to proceed with doing so. Your barber will be able to expertly speak to this subject, giving you specific techniques based on the length and thickness of your hair. For example, if you favor longer hair and don't visit the barbershop too often, the barber may still advocate that you make regular appointments just to get the ends trimmed up. This can give you a better look than you'd have with split ends, which can often be noticeable and take away from the look of your hair.

Styling Advice

If you're the type of person who loves how he looks upon leaving the barbershop but struggles to achieve the same look when styling your hair each morning, it's worthwhile to discuss this topic with your barber. Explain in detail your challenges, and then ask the barber about what he does to make your hair look so good. It could be something as simple as using a particular styling product, which you may even be able to buy at the barbershop. Perhaps you're using a different product that doesn't give you the hold or the sheen that you want, for example.

Your Next Look

It's easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same haircut for years. Perhaps you're not even that thrilled with how you look, but you aren't sure about what type of new look would be best for you, based on your hair, shape of your head, and other factors. Even if you've asked your barber to cut your hair in your tried-and-tested style, there's no harm in asking him what look might work for you in the future. As the barber trims, you can have a laid-back discussion about what you're looking for in a haircut, and he can offer some suggestions that you might wish to implement the next time you sit in his chair.

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