3 Tips For Reducing Skin Irritation In Your Armpit And Groin

Hairy areas of your body, especially your armpit and groin, tend to be more prone to various forms of skin irritation, such as boils and yeast infections. There are several methods to reduce the recurrence of skin irritation.

Find An Accurate Diagnosis

If you find skin irritation is an ongoing problem, you should see a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes acne and boils in your armpit and groin area are more than just skin irritation. It could be a sign of an ongoing chronic disease, such as hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) or diabtes. For HS, you might need long-term medications, such as biologics or disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), which can help suppress the immune system and reduce flare-ups. Your dermatologist might also want to drain the area for further testing and use steroid injections to reduce the pain and duration of a skin lesion. If your blood glucose is elevated, changing your diet and/or taking medication might reduce irritation.

Lose Weight

For many people with ongoing skin irritation concerns, the problem can be caused or exacerbated by excess weight. Losing weight to minimize skin concerns is not always easy, often because exercise can make irritation worse and some people will have excess skin that further irritates these areas. If you are engaging in exercise or have loose skin, you can try different methods of avoiding irritation as long as there are no active breakouts or lesions on your skin. Try using products designed for athletes to reduce friction. They are usually marketed as anti-chaffing products. Use the product in areas that might rub together. Once you are finished with your workout or daily activities, wash and dry the area completely and use moisture-absorbing products, such as cornstarch, to help keep the area dry.

Use Long-Term Hair Removal

Reducing the amount of hair you have in your armpits and groin might also help with skin irritation. The less hair you have in these areas, the less friction will occur during activities. Additionally, choosing a long-term hair removal method will prevent frequent shaving and waxing, that could aggravate the area and lead to more skin infections. Electrolysis is one option for long-term hair removal, but it might take multiple treatments to achieve the desired effects. Maintaining a consistent electrolysis treatment plan will make it easier to achieve long-term results. Once all the hair has been successfully removed, you will likely need maintenance treatments, but not as often.

Frequent irritation in sensitive areas can make daily activities painful and be counterproductive when you have fitness/weight loss goals. Tackling the problem with multiple strategies can reduce episodes of skin irritation. Contact a service, like Skincare by Debi, for more help.

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