The Pros And Cons Associated With Halo Style Clip In Hair Extensions

If you are looking to add volume or length to your hair, hair extensions can help you with this goal. There are many different types of clip-in hair extensions that allow you to easily add this volume or length as you desire, without committing to the look, or the damage sewn in or fused extensions cause. When you are looking to buy clip-in hair extensions, you can either buy individual pieces, or one halo style hair extension. A halo style wraps around your entire head, typically from right above one ear to the next. If you are not sure whether pieces or halo-style extensions are right from you, learning the pros and cons of each may help you decide. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons associated with halo style hair extensions. 

The Cons Associated With Halo Style Hair Extensions

  • Designed to Be Worn When Your Hair is Down

One of the downsides to a halo style hair extension is that this type of extension can only be worn when you are styling your hair in a down hair style. The weight is too heavy to put in up-dos and the seams will show on half and half styles. If you need the volume for up-dos or half-dos, individual clips may work, but halo style won't. 

  • You Can't Add Volume or Length Where You Need it

The other disadvantage to a halo style hair extension is that you can't decide where to add volume or length. If you have patches of thin hair or bald spots, you may be trying to hide or disguise these areas. With a halo style, you can't pick where to place and not place the extensions, which won't help you disguise specific areas on your head. 

The Pros Associated With Halo Style Hair Extensions

  • A Halo Style Makes Putting It In Easy

One of the benefits to halo style hair extensions is that a halo style makes it easy to put the extensions in. You have one piece to place in, rather than multiple pieces that needs to be placed. This can make the process faster and easier if you are adhering the extensions yourself. 

  • You Have Even Length and Volume

The other advantage to halo style clip in hair extensions is that it creates an even length and volume. When you use individual clip-in pieces, it can be hard to ensure each piece is even and level. This can make the length of your hair look choppy or uneven. With a halo style extension, it is easy to get an even length. 

When it comes to hair extensions, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. What may work for one person may not be what is best for another. Learning the pros and cons associated with different types of extensions and then trying them out can help you decide whether halo style hair extensions or other types may be best for you. Contact a company, like Hair Faux You, for more help.

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