4 Reasons You'll Want to Give Face Waxing a Try

According to the Cinta Aveda Institute, there are two types of wax that individuals can use to remove unwanted hair on the face. Hard waxes are gentler, yet still able to remove course hairs, while soft waxes feel warm on the skin and work to open the follicles for more easy hair removal. No matter which of these methods you are considering for women's face waxing, you'll find they offer a great deal of benefits that make them worth a try.

Reduced Maintenance

While it may be tempting to quickly shave the hair around your lips or on any other part of your face, shaving allows the hair to grow back just as fast as you remove it. Women's lip waxing takes a few more minutes to perform, but pulls the hairs out by their shafts. This not only leaves your face feeling smooth and looking great, but it also reduces how rapidly the hair grows back. That means less maintenance and more time spent doing what you love.

Not as Costly as Laser Hair Removal

When comparing women's face waxing to having laser hair removal performed, women's face waxing wins hands-down in the affordability department. Women have the option of purchasing wax kits from their local pharmacy or beauty supply store, or having a licensed beautician perform the service for them. Both methods are significantly less expensive then signing up for laser hair removal. Since the results of women's lip waxing are long-lasting, there is no reason to pay more for the laser treatments.

You'll Experience Even Results

Another benefit of going with women's face waxing is the even results you'll get. This is due to the fact that waxing removes each and every hair by the root. Shaving may leave behind hairs that are not cut at the same level. If you opt to bleach the hairs on your face to make them less noticeable, you'll discover that some hairs absorb more of the bleach then others, leaving a few a golden color. This uneven look makes waxing the method of choice. 

You Won't Have to Worry About Stubble

Perhaps the biggest plus to opting for women's face waxing is the lack of stubble. When you run your hand across your face, you want it to feel nice and smooth, not rough and full of stubble. Shaving is well-known for causing stubble to form as each hair begins to grow back. Since waxing pulls up the entire hair shaft, including the root, you won't get the stubble when the hair finally grows back. 

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