Minimize Foul Under Arm Odor The Natural Way

You may not necessarily want to smell like a flower garden, but you want to smell fresh and clean, especially when it comes to under arm odor. To prevent a foul odor, the average person relies on a deodorant filled with ingredients like aluminum. However, these products can be irritating and there is also an indication that they may increase your cancer risk. Fortunately, there are natural ways you can combat this problem.

Natural Deodorant

Your first step should be switching to a natural deodorant. Regular deodorants work by clogging the glands in your underarm arm. By clogging the glands, this prevents you from sweating and ultimately, producing a foul odor. Natural deodorants work in an opposite manner. First, these products don't block perspiration so you will still sweat. However, they do fight the odor-producing bacteria that arises when you perspire with natural oils. By fighting the bacteria this prevents a foul odor.

Antibacterial Soap

Make sure you are incorporating an antibacterial soap into your regular hygiene routine. As previously referenced, underarm sweat isn't what makes you smell; it's the bacteria that develops that causes the foul odor. Antibacterial soaps are designed to minimize these bacteria. When you minimize bacteria, you can automatically reduce any foul odors. A soap that fits into this category will clearly say antibacterial on the packaging. In addition to minimizing odor, these soaps can also help keep your skin cleaner.


In many ways, you are what you eat. Altering your diet can minimize underarm odor. Limit consumption of foods with harsh odors, like onions and garlic. When you sweet, the aroma from these selections can be secreted through your sweat. You also want to minimize spicy foods as they can actually make you sweat more. The same is true when you consume large amounts of alcohol and caffeine. By minimizing sweat production, you minimize the production of odor-producing bacteria.


Make sure you aren't choosing clothing options that are making you sweat more or that don't do a good job at absorbing sweat. Polyester, silk, rayon and nylon are just some of the fabric options that fit into this category. It's best to choose fabrics that are primarily made from cotton if you have a problem with excessive perspiring. Cotton isn't just breathable, helping you sweat less, but it is also highly absorbent, which can keep your under arm area drier and smelling fresher.   

Preventing a foul under arm odor doesn't mean you have to put your health in jeopardy. Rely on a natural way to minimize odors for a better outcome.

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