New Cyclists: Four Ways To Keep Your Backside From Getting Sore

Cycling is a great way to get more exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, when you're new to cycling, a sore behind might limit just how long you're comfortable on your bike. While a little soreness is normal while your tissues adapt to the strain of riding, you can do a few things to minimize your discomfort.

Invest in padded bike shorts.

Plain, stretchy shorts or pants might look cool when you bike, but they do nothing to relieve the pressure on your bottom. What you really need are bike shorts with padded inserts. These come in male and female-specific styles and can be purchased from many bikes stores and online. If you're not comfortable peddling around town in these tight padded shorts, you can always throw a pair of looser athletic shorts over them.

Use chamois cream.

Chamois cream for cyclists is a moisturizing product that you can apply to your rear end and to the inside of your biking shorts. It reduces friction to prevent rubs and saddle sores. In a pinch, you can use coconut oil or your regular lotion for this purpose, but it won't be quite as effective.

Remove your shorts immediately after biking.

Your bike shorts can easily become a breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria and fungi when they are wet and smelly. These organisms can make matters worse by irritating your skin and leading to infections. To keep yourself healthy (and minimize soreness), get into the habit of removing your bike shorts immediately after riding. Don't sit around and stretch in them or eat your lunch in them. Take a shower as soon as you remove them -- this will remove bacteria to reduce your risk of soreness and infection.

Take the opportunity to stand when it arises.

See if you can spend less of your ride actually sitting in the saddle. When you approach a hill, stand up on the pedals. When you're waiting for a light, step off your bike seat and stand over your bike. If you feel your bottom getting sore on the ride, stand for a few seconds, and then sit back down. Not only does this give your backside a break, but it also lets some breeze in there to dry things off. Less wetness equals less soreness.

Follow the tips above while you're getting into cycling, and you should never feel overly sore. As you get more used to cycling, your skin and muscles will toughen up and you won't have to take quite as many precautions.

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