Simple Methods To Grow The Best Beard Possible

If you're determined to have the best beard among your circle of friends, buying the right vitamins is a good start. Vitamins such as vitamin B3, vitamin B7 and vitamin C are ideal for thickening your hair, which can help you grow a beard that's robust and bushy instead of wispy and thin. Beyond these vitamins, there are a handful of other ways that you can encourage the growth of your beard. Here are some methods that you should make a point of incorporating.

Hit The Gym

Although working out is commonly associated with building a stronger body, physical exercise also has a link to growing a better beard. Exercise boosts your body's production of testosterone, which in turn accelerates the growth of your beard. Although there's no specific workout routine that is best to adopt, it's ideal to focus on targeting your body's largest muscle groups. Among these are your quadriceps, so plenty of barbell squats can be an effective ally in your quest for a bushy beard.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

While the right vitamins will help you grow a thick, full beard, it's important to ensure that the skin hidden beneath the beard is as healthy as possible. Vitamins will contribute to healthy skin, but don't hesitate to help the process by keeping your skin moisturized. Commercially available skin moisturizers are ideal, as are natural products such as coconut oil and beeswax.

Eat The Right Diet

Just as your diet can play a role in the health of your skin, you can expect that what you eat will also impact your beard growth. As such, it's important to consume plenty of foods that will positively impact your beard and stay away from those that aren't doing your facial hair any favors. Foods that contain vitamin A are integral for promoting healthy skin that will allow your beard to grow properly, so make sure that you're getting dairy products. Protein, found in lean sources of meat, poultry and fish, is also valuable for strengthening your beard.

Avoid Stress

Stress can take a toll on your body in a variety of different ways, including the health of your facial hair. It's possible for extreme stress to cause hair loss, which is the last thing that you want to experience in your quest for a robust beard. Try to identify your typical causes of stress and work to change the situations around them.

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