Electrolysis Or Laser Hair Removal: Which Option Is Best?

Excess body hair can be embarrassing and even annoying for many people. If you're considering having extra body or facial hair removed, there are a few options available. Two of the most common methods of clinical hair removal include electrolysis and laser removal. Before you decide which option will work best for you needs, it's essential that you understand what's involved with each of them.


When you opt to have electrolysis, a tiny metal probe will be inserted into your skin in order to reach the hair follicle. Electricity is sent through the probe to help destroy the follicle permanently. This method is currently the only way to permanently remove excess hair. The process can be lengthy, and you will most likely need to return several times for follow up sessions to make sure the technician has killed off all of the hair follicles. The process has to be done to each follicle individually, which makes electrolysis rather time consuming.

Some people with sensitive skin may have a reaction to electrolysis such as redness or bumps. Over time, those issues should subside once the skin has healed. If you need to cover a large area of excess hair such as the legs or chest, prepare to endure a large number of treatment sessions in order to remove all of the hair. Once all of the sessions are complete and your skin has healed, you should experience smooth skin without worrying about the hair ever returning again.

Laser Hair Removal

The laser method for removing hair involves pulses of light that are transmitted directly onto the skin. The laser light stunts the hair follicle, resulting in less hair growth. Laser removal does not always translate into permanent removal, however. The hair that grows back will tend to be less thick and lighter colored, resulting in finer hair regrowth. Some people have to return for treatment every few months in order to maintain their smoother skin, which can translate into high cost over time. 

Most patients can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal for a few years before they need to return for new treatments, but results can vary depending on the individual. This method is painless and most people don't experience any negative side effects, which is why laser hair removal has become more popular in recent years. Its counterpart electrolysis can be more painful and causes more skin irritation in most instances. Sessions are shorter and less time consuming with laser hair removal, making it a good choice for people who just need fast results. Consider the differences between these two options of hair removal so you can determine which method will work for your needs.

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