Combating Dry Skin In Winter Months

During the wintertime, your skin takes a beating from harsh, dry conditions. To avoid the cracking, redness, itchiness and pain that dry skin offers, you will want to take steps in caring for it properly when weather makes it difficult. Here are some steps you can take to keep your skin looking soft and supple during times when weather makes it easier to suffer from dryness.

Care For Skin After Bathing

Many people think adding water directly to their skin when it is dry will help moisten it effectively. This can actually have the opposite effect, leading to even drier skin. The skin has natural oils throughout which help keep it from drying. When you over-saturate the skin, it will wash away these oils, leaving you with skin that feels rough and scaly. After you bathe, it is important to dry your skin in its entirety so natural oils can continue to secrete through your pores efficiently. 

Instead of rubbing your skin with a towel after getting out of your tub, pat your skin dry. This will help keep oils from being rubbed away from the skin. If possible, avoid using a towel altogether and drip dry instead. This will allow all natural oils to remain in place, helping to eliminate the risk of over-dried skin as a result.

Do Your Best To Keep Oils In Place

It is best to avoid using hot water when showering or bathing, as it eliminates the oils quickly. Warm water will allow more of your natural oils to remain in place. Shortening your time in the tub will help keep your skin from drying as well. 

The soap you use will have an impact on the dryness your skin endures. Opt for soap with glycerin included in the ingredients if possible. This is known to soften the skin. Using a soap made especially for sensitive skin is a good idea as well. It will not be as harsh and will most likely have less chemical ingredients included in the product. To further protect the oils in your skin, use a moisturizing agent after bathing. This will act as a barrier against harsh elements while keeping oils intact underneath. 

Exfoliate Your Skin Every Week Or Two

During wintertime, removing dead skin cells will help promote the growth of newer, softer skin. Use an exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells from your body every week or two during cooler weather. This is done by putting the exfoliating cream on a washcloth and rubbing it into the skin in a circular motion. The small granules included in the cream will whisk away dried skin, allowing the more supple skin to be exposed. This newer skin will readily accept a moisturizer, instantly refreshing your appearance.

Change The Way You Use Heat

Overheating your home can contribute to the drying out of your skin during cold weather. Consider turning the thermostat down a degree or two lower than normal to help retain some of the moisture your skin has. Using a humidifier in your home can be beneficial in keeping skin soft as well. Do not direct heating vents toward your body when driving and limit the amount of heat you use in your vehicle if possible. 

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